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I help young professionals in Singapore create an affordable lifestyle-tailored Financial Safety Net in order to achieve your dream life with peace of mind.

I'm doing this as a Consultant in IPA Advisory working with an elite team that is extremely experienced in the Financial Advisory space.

I run through a simple process to identify your dreams and what it takes to get us there and tailor a bespoke Financial Safety Net that safeguards our hard-earned wealth and to achieve our short and long term goals whilst being able to weather the bad times.

I also create and curate relevant content, create exclusive opportunities with my clients and nurture online communities. IG: @mr.melvinlee

My father passed on when I was 16 without any insurance and life was extremely hard with a younger brother and a mother with not much income. I had to grow up as soon as possible.

Thus, I joined Healthcare and subsequently Financial Advisory where I can guide you and your families to avoid pitfalls that my family and others have made. And also be an advisor whom you can trust and achieve your goals with.

With a wide range of products and services, and an unparalleled customer service. If you're just starting out your #adulting journey or you think you need help with reviewing your current portfolios, your search ends here.

Message me here or give me a call @ 87194271 to arrange for a consultation.


How My Specialties Benefit YOU


Lifestyle-Tailored Investment Advice and
Program Creation

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Formulation of Financial Safety Nets to achieve your goals with a peace of mind


Formulating a plan for you to have sufficient income to live your lives during your Golden Days without worry.

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